ACCA Approved Employer – Platinum
Accredited Training Organisation of APMG
Member of Geneva Global International
Practice License from CPA Ontario
ACCA Approved Learning Partner


CAFC & BWHC met with MRRD

Date 2019-12-12

Crux Consultants joins the biggest network of firms: GGI: Geneva Group International

Date 2019-11-07

Training on Non Tax Revenue Processes, collection and Management

Date 2019-12-17

Crux Consultants received its ACCA Approved Employer Trainee Development - Platinum certificate

Date 2020-03-03

Crux Consultants have been hired by the government of Afghanistan to review the financial statements of 12 dry ports working in Afghanistan.

Date 2019-12-11

Memorandum of Understanding between Crux Consultants (Member firm of GGI) and Masih Muhith Haque & Co. (Member firm of RSM)

Date 2020-04-15

Office closure

Date 2020-03-21

PPP Conference for promotion of PPP sector in Afghanistan

Date 2020-03-18

Office Closure Extension

Date 2020-04-04

PPP Conference Cancellation

Date 2020-04-05

PPP Training for Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock’s

Date 2020-04-13

Crux Consultants signs an agreement with Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan

Date 2020-11-20

We are glad to expand our operations by establishing an office in Eastern Region of Afghanistan

Date 2021-02-12

CRUX in association with Dushtha Shasthya Kendra (DSK) has signed a contract with Independent Directorate of Local Governance of Afghanistan under CCAP

Date 2021-03-02

Completion of Valuation of Assets Assignment for the Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan

Date 2021-03-30

CRUX signed a contract with NCA to become a Third Party Verification Agent

Date 2021-04-20

COVID-19 Alert

Date 2021-05-16

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