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Who We Are

Crux Consultants is multidisciplinary organisation and a member of GGI, which was established with the aim of providing a wide range of services to its clients in the public and private sectors. As a firm, we take pride in our commitment to keeping up with the rapidly changing environment and new developments. Our organisation’s framework is focused on achieving our goals, concurrently ensuring to maintain the quality of our work to the highest standards as promised at the outset of our mission and vision statement.

Crux Consultants is a consulting company providing a range of services. We offer service such us audit & assurance, financial advisory, PPP transaction advisory, project management, business redesign advisory, IT consulting, engineering consulting, feasibility studies, ESIA studies, Geological and topographic surveys, market analysis, architectural design, and many more.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide excellent service to our clients with professionalism and commitment.

Our Vision

Crux was established with a vision and framework to continuously grow into new sectors and geographies.

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