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Training on Non Tax Revenue Processes, collection and Management


The Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan contracted CAFC in order to conduct a training in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The purpose of the training was to familiarise the participants from the Government of Afghanistan on Non Tax revenue, in order to improve the non-tax revenue collection in Afghanistan, Improve capacity and ability of NTRD staff to improve non-tax revenue collection, management, analysis, and accounting, and Improve capacity and ability of the government line ministries and agencies to collect non-tax revenue effectively and efficiently.

Scope of Assignment:
The participants included officials from the Government of Afghanistan from Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior, Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Industries and Commerce and Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.
The training focused on improving the capacity of the participants on the following areas:

       • Non tax revenue management;
       • Public finance administration;
       • Revenue collection process mapping;
       • Government accounting;
       • Monitoring and evaluation;
       • Research and analysis;
       • Fiscal policy analysis;
       • Effective planning;
       • Risk management;
       • Project management and leadership;
       • Plans and proposal writing;

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