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Community mobilisation in humanitarian sector is a process whereby a group of people have transcended their differences to meet on equal terms in order to facilitate a participatory decision-making process. This is a process which begins a dialogue among members of the community to determine who, what, and how issues are decided, and also to provide an avenue for everyone to participate in decisions that affect their lives within their respective communities.

Overall, under our NGO we have 200 employees, working in various capacities, and they are directly working with communities in 7 provinces, covering a population of over 200,000 Afghans. It aims to advocate men, women and children rights for health, education, social protection, employment and decision-making services.

  • Women Economic Empowerment
  • Social Services to Communities
  • Peace & Reintegration
  • Community inclusive approach to Saffron production

CRUX has been actively engaged in community development projects in various parts of Afghanistan. Currently under the Women Economic Empowerment project, CRUX has been implementing projects in the north of Afghanistan. The objective of the assignment is to develop the capacity of women on a community level and to assist them in becoming financial independent through providing seed capital for small businesses.

In addition to the above project, CRUX is also actively engaged in two other provinces in Afghanistan on providing basic infrastructure emergency support and social services to community people through the Citizen Chartered Program.

Recognizing the commitment of the Kabul Process for Peace and Security Cooperation to “an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process,” CRUX is looking on after peace situations. Now, the inter-Afghan Peace talk is ongoing and peace is expected but, the government, Taliban, international community and the Afghan community is looking to understand and know more about what steps are to be taken in the future.

Through our trading arm, CRUX has been actively engaging the local communities in Herat province to assist them in harvesting Saffron: through our community inclusive approach, we are hiring the local women and providing them all the necessary. Moreover, we have engaged the local farmers in our Saffron business as well, who are actively working with us throughout the year to maintain highest quality. Through this approach, we have been able to provide a consistent source of income for men and women in these communities.